Our traditional commitment

We’ve grown from a tech start-up to a global, leading company. We are fuelled by some of the most innovative minds in information technology, computer engineering, financial modeling, marketing and customer service. We work together to drive the future of currency data and trading technology. 


More than 90 percent of our customers stay with MDX500 yeccar after year.


Our rating by UK Best Trading Providers- the largest company devoted to maximize customers profits.


The number of independent MDX500 agents ready to help.

Timeline of our life

  • 2008

    MDX500 was founded by two brothers David and Jeremy Hudson, starting at first as a start-up
    serving locally to many customers, mainly
    financial services on Forex. In the first six months,
    we were expanded in 4 offices in London, having
    more than 150 financial advisors and account
    managers, serving to hundreds of clients in
    English speaking countries.
  • 2009
    International recognition

    We are shortlisted in Investment Trends 2009, as
    The World's Best Financial Services Provider,
    earning special mention because the company,
    "Has expanded the number of services and hold a
    very high level of service quality, and it has
    simplified the methods to trade on FX.
  • 2010
    An award-winning broker

    The first of many, in 2010, we won Best Account
    Managers for beginner traders Award and was
    named World's Best Account Managers for
    beginner traders.
  • 2011
    A web-based world

    We launched the first version of our trading
    platform called Status, build from our team of
    financial analysts, software developers, and
    trading specialists.
  • 2012
    Global expansion

    A significant year for our global footprint, in 2012,
    we opened a Zurich office that would act as the
    European headquarters. Meanwhile, for Asia, we
    would serve through Singapour office.
  • 2013
    Multi-asset broker

    In 2013, we added several additional CFDs to its
    portfolio, enabling clients in specific markets to
    trade other commodities, precious metals,
    indices, and bonds. Shares Awards adds us to the
    list of 10 World's Best Investment Corporate you
    Wished You invested with.
  • 2014
    Improved functionality

    We added the MT4 trading platform as part of
    our services in all its versions: mobile app,
    web-based, and desktop, with customizable
    charts, overlays, indicators, and price alerts. In the
    same time, MDX500 announces a partnership with Autochartist, offering automated technical
  • 2015
    Biggest Financial Analysts Team in Singapore

    We become the Biggest Financial Analysts Team
    in Singapore, we also sided with our clients during
    the Swiss National Bank crisis.
  • 2016
    Institutional-grade execution

    Having invested heavily in achieving
    institutional-grade execution, we launch a new
    version of our trading platform, a state-of-the-art
    platform called Status Webtrader. In the same
    year, we are named the world’s Best Trading
    Platform at Shares Awards 2016 event.
  • 2017
    Market domination

    We are named World's Best Foreign Exchange
    Providers by the Investment Trends 2017
    Singapore CFD & FX Report. We also became one
    of the largest FX brokers operating in Europe at
    the time.
  • 2018
    Hard working year

    We call 2018 this way because we had the number
    of our loyal customer remain the same, while the
    number of new ones were doubled and the
    number of revenues were doubled as well.
  • 2019
    The future is now

    Introducing a new era for us, our company was
    expanded by Major Capital Partners, a leading
    private online trading company that currently
    manages mainly in South Africa with an
    outstanding yearly performance.


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